if i had my licence the only thing i’d use it for is mcdonalds at 3am

literally half the reason i ever got my license

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Paul McGeiver
minor wounds

i thought eighteen years was a long time but 

it’s 2.38 am and the expression on your face 

tells me there is no answer 

to the question “when am i going to feel better?” 

because you are in your twenties and i am only 

a child, i am so small and you do not exist 

in this universe to take care of me but god damn 

who else is going to help me get through this 

fucking art school education

i swear my hands had been reaching out 

to touch your skin before i even met you

i can’t get over the look in your eyes every 

time i see you smiling but i only noticed 

last week that you have a crooked tooth, i swear 

i could spend the next four years just 

noticing things about you

when am i going to feel better?

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The past few months I delved deep into experimental portraiture, alongside this good ol’ evermorphing contemporary art that just wriggles when you try to pin it down. Portraits in flux started to emerge. I thought I’d share a step I took along the way for this recent exhibit at the Ice House in Sarasota- A draft gif that eventually inspired a continually looping stop motion.
My sister modeled for me. I think it’s fun to share that. Because it really just started with static photos, frozen moments. Just as it did with Talbot and Stieglitz and all the photographic torchbearers. I’m hoping to keep them from rolling in their graves but it’s a bit late for that perhaps, or a bit irrelevant. Who knows.



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Choo Jong-Wan (B. 1975)Einlösung Emergence, 2006
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